Our Solution


The Problem

Our world’s water, wastewater, runoff water, surface water, and even subterranean waters are getting filled with contaminants of all kinds. Pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, poisons, pesticides, insecticides, etc. are being distributed through the sewer systems into grey water. The majority of water for consumption, agriculture, and industries, even though processed, filtered and chlorinated, doesn’t get purified to the virus level that is required in order for it to be safe water.

Today we see E. coli outbreaks, where millions of pounds of fruits and vegetables are being recalled and eliminated. An example of this is Lettuce. The majority of the weight of a lettuce leaf is water. It’s not something that you can wash or rinse out. You have to be able to clean the water before you water the plant.

Microplastics cover the entire planet. They travel like dust and they pollute the rivers, the streams, and the oceans of our world. The problem is getting worse not better. 


The need for the proper filtration of liquids and fluids has increased dramatically. By 2025, 25% of the world’s population will be consuming water and other fluids filled with contaminants.

The world’s pollution is in the water, and water is in Everything, Everywhere.

The Solution

Microscopic Holes

There are 42 membrane manufacturers in the world today. Serguei Usmanov, Ph.D. E.E, chief scientist of AmenaPure, was responsible for the design, construction and production of 14 of those facilities, including Filtronics, LLC. During his decades of experience, he discovered that there are a few things that are intrinsic problems with manufacturing membranes. The main two issues are: (1) the equipment is basically single purpose, (2) it is virtually impossible to change from one membrane style/formula to another. Of the 42 Global membrane manufacturers the majority of membranes companies are in China.

Membranes produced by these Chinese companies are of substandard quality because they lack scientific knowledge on the  functionality of the membrane. Most of these companies reverse engineered or bootlegged formulas/processes from American or European membrane companies, and the reliability of their production is second-rate at best.

AmenaPure is the only membrane manufacturing company in the world with the flexibility and understanding of the technical requirements to build custom designed membranes to fit a specific application. No other company has the ability to develop specific formulas to take out an ingredient, an individual pathogen, or eliminate an entire virus. No other company has the ability to switch from one formula to another in a matter of hours. No other company has the ability to assist in the design, the creation, the production, the manufacturing, and implementation of new or retrofitted membranes into existing product lines to enhance the functionality of a product.


 Between both customized activated charcoal and superior membrane technology, we have the ability to filter fluids, gases, fuels, water, milk, dairy products, beer, alcohol, wine, (everything that contains water) and remove all of the toxins, contaminants, and viruses. 

At AmenaPure we CAN DO this.

Membrane Pony Tail

What Our Solution Does

Our AmenaPure Hydromem® membranes are far superior than any other in their class of filtration. Our customers find their previous vendor solutions to be as much as 6x more costly, with far less purification efficiency, than our membranes.

Membrane Enlarged Image

AmenaPure’s Hollow Fiber Membranes are a highly effective method for reducing a broad spectrum of contaminants including hexavalent chromium, chlorine and other disinfectants, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides, lead, Thm, Voc, man-made medications and Rx Drugs and a full spectrum of pharmaceutical ingredients and synthetic chemicals, including chloroform & fecal coliform. Other impurities include bacteria (including E. coli), biological toxins, and cysts.


AmenaPure sets itself apart from all other filtration producers with the ability to adjust the performance of its membranes to match customer specifications, not only by changing geometry of the membrane and its rating, but also modifying the membrane formula to meet exact customer requirements for their processes and final applications.