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A sampling of the industries in which we can provide viable filtration and fluid purification solutions are: Food and Beverage; Drinking Water; Food and Agriculture; Active Pharmaceuticals; Bio-Tech; Defense and Security; Semiconductors; Medical Euipment; Aerospace; Dairy Industry; and Wastewater Treatment Applications.

The following is a sampling of the market size for membrane technology globally. Due to the reduction of major membrane suppliers (ie. GE, etc.), that have occurred over the past few years, the availability of commercially viable membranes has been dramatically reduced.

Never before has there been a company that can modify formulations to serve a specific customer’s requirements so quickly. Traditionally, large companies have produced membranes in large volumes and customers have had to fit those membranes into their models. Because of AmenaPure’s ability to change membrane formulas and specifications, essentially “on the fly”, they are perfectly positioned to be extraordinarily successful.

Membrane Candles

Aerospace: $500 Million; Bottled Water: $334 Billion; Chemical: $200 Billion; Energy: $300 Billion; Food & Beverage: $100 Billion; Gas and Fuel: $1.3 Billion; Medical Water: $1.0 Billion; Mining: $1.3 Billion; Water purification: $110 Billion.

Total Market $ 1.67 Trillion Dollars.

Bullseye Target

Initial Target Market ­­– Membrane

Current inquires for information and future product development is coming from R&D departments of small volume specialized filter production companies. In Phase One of production capabilities, our target markets are:

  • Vapor filtration (ethanol production);
  • Bio-enzymes filtration and separation dairy products;
  • Yeast production;
  • Bio-organic pharmaceuticals;
  • Veterinary services, non-human blood and bodily fluid filtration.

These companies can’t find commercially available membranes for their applications and they are ready to pay a premium to develop exact membrane chemistry and geometry to satisfy their specific requirements.